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Non si può descrivere la passione... la si può solo vivere.


Slot cars 1/32 scale Ready To Race. High performance, quality, accuracy. BMW – Porsche – Mercedes – Corvette
Ford – Abarth – Audi – and much more.
Products under official license.
100% Made in Italy – World Champion - Born to win.


Tune up your cars using high quality - racing NSR parts. Suspensions, Motors, Wheels, Crown, Axle, Chassis, and much more.
100% Made in Italy – World Champion - Born to win.
Read “guide to easy set up” for help.


Latest NSR news of the month: models – events – spare parts.
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NSR organize the best slot cars competition in
all the world.
National championship – World Championship –
Endurance and Sprint race – Club Championship
and much more.


NSR is WORLD CHAMPION many and many times.
Enter to see all the most important competition
won from NSR.
The experience of the World Champion, ensure the best quality of slot cars. NSR World Champion PL32 2019 : Andrea Noviello with Mercedes NSR.


Technical Rules of the official NSR championship.
Do you want to partecipate in a NSR championship?
Read the rules and tune up your cars!
Do you need official rules to set up your championship? Enter here!


Salvatore Noviello, founder of NSR, raced from 1980 until 2005, when due to heart problems he had to stop the race. His capability in creating special car’s tune up parts, led the NSR Team to conquer a lot of World Championships.
Nowdays, NSR is the best manufacturer of slot cars 1/32 and ensure the best quality with a 100% Made in Italy production.
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